Squirrel Repellent Ingredients

If you have a garden and have friendly, neighborhood squirrels, you may have a recipe for conflict between humans (you) and wildlife (the squirrels). Squirrels are fond of a number of garden crops, including tomatoes and sunflowers. Reasoning with the tree-bound rodents is generally ineffective and killing them is extreme. However, there is a middle ground. Homemade squirrel repellents can be effective in discouraging squirrels from taking a few bites of some of their favorite crops, thus reducing tensions between the human population and the squirrel population. A number of ingredients are used in many homemade squirrel repellents.


Squirrels tend not to favor the taste of onions. A number of traditional squirrel repellents start out with boiling onions. After the onions have been boiled and the solids strained out, other ingredients are added, like soap, hot sauces and cayenne pepper. However, placing the onion in a blender with water and straining may also be a good way to start a squirrel repellent.


Garlic is sometimes said to be a good ingredient in a repellent. Like onions, you might try boiling it first, and then adding other ingredients. Blending cloves of garlic with water can also be a good way to start a base of a squirrel repellent.


Many homemade squirrel repellents contain soap. Whether it is the smell of the soap or the taste, many concoctions of homemade repellents contain soap. In some cases, dish soap is recommended. However, Murphy's Oil Soap is recommended in a number of recipes.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, in its powdered form, added after the boiling of any solids, like onion and garlic, can be a powerful squirrel deterrent. However, if you have fresh cayenne available, boiling it alone or with onions and garlic may also work well. Be sure to cut the peppers and allow the seeds to boil. The seeds contain the active ingredient of the peppers. The longer they boil, the more is released into the water.

Hot Sauces

Hot sauces added to onion, garlic and soap is an alternative to cayenne pepper powder. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with the powder. The idea is that most animals have a natural aversion to eating hot peppers and hot foods. The heat in the pepper is a natural defense against consumption.

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