Garden Planter Ideas

Garden planters are an efficient method for expanding your garden space, improving the appearance of the area, and making outdoor chores simpler and easier. Potential ideas are limited only by your creativity and available materials. A planter can be any container, from a favorite flower pot to elaborately constructed raised beds. Gardeners should take care to match the depth and width of the container to the need of the plant they plan to place inside.

Define Boundries

Use large containers to define your garden space, create a border or boundary. Raised beds or larger, heavy containers can work in conjunction with fencing to provide a barrier against animals which may be tempted to dine on your plants. If your area is troubled by burrowing invaders, growing flowers and vegetables inside a planter will help prevent loss of bulbs and root crops to these hungry beasts from below.

Create Texture

Planters may be purely functional or used to create an interesting visual display through color, contents or arrangement. A display of pots in varying shapes and sizes can act as a centerpiece, drawing the eye to a part of your space or highlighting a particular favorite plant.

Avoid Poor Soil

Raised beds and other containers can help you work around areas where the soil is poor or conditions are less than ideal. These planters can be located directly on top of trouble spots, eliminating the need to condition the soil beneath. Addressing drainage and soil composition problems is made far easier because you have control over the mixture of media you include, options for including additional drainage points and gravity working in your favor.

Provide Easy Access

Raised beds and tall containers make gaining access to plants easier, especially if you have issues with bending or stooping or suffer from knee or back trouble. The soil inside containers is less likely to become compacted as it does not have to stand up to foot traffic, so less maintenance is required to keep it aerated.

Deter Pests

Containers and planters can be used to hold plants known to deter pests. When scattered throughout the garden space or ringing the exterior, the presence of these plants will help protect your crops and flowers from insects that are attracted to feeding upon them. Substitute herbs--many of which double as pest deterrents--and vegetables for flowers and you can enjoy the benefits of landscaping that is both attractive and edible.

Grow Invasive Plants Without Worry

Containers are an efficient way to grow plants known to spread and take over the garden area. Keeping the plants confined to a raised bed or other planter will inhibit their ability to send out runners or choke out your other crops.

A Better Perennial Option

Planters are a good option for perennials you want to include in the garden. If you till regularly to prepare for annuals or succession planting, you will not have to remember exactly where you had your perennials planted in order to prevent damaging your returning crops when you prepare the area.

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