Sunflower Arrangement Ideas

Sunflowers are bright, bold and large. Using this flower to create an arrangement brings the warmth of summer to any space, whether the arrangement is for an everyday display, a gift to a friend or co-worker or for a wedding. Because the flower is so large, it can be difficult to make it appear elegant in arrangements. The flower naturally lends itself to more cheerful, vibrant displays.

Floating Blossoms

Sunflowers can make a dramatic statement when they are made to float in a bowl or vase full of water. The flat, wide blossoms can be grouped or floated in separate containers, depending on the effect you wish to produce. Simply cut off the stem and gently place the blooms in the water. To add an extra something to the water-based arrangement, sprinkle sunflower petals around the vase or bowl.

Tall Display

Take advantage of the sunflowers' long, thick stems by creating a vertically based arrangement. Wire the stems together so that the blossoms are at differing heights relative to each other and either put them in a vase or insert them into a piece of florists' foam. Extra greenery, such as fern-like sprays, can soften the effect.

Pomander Bouquets

Sunflowers, with their large blossoms and colorful petals, are excellent flowers to use in a pomander ball bouquet. Pomander ball bouquets are basically spherical pieces of floral foam entirely covered with blooms and greenery. Many people attach a ribbon to the ball so that it can be carried easier and without damaging any of the blooms.

Hand-Tied Bouquets

Sunflowers, so fresh and cheery, are great candidates for a sturdy, hand-tied bouquet--if you need an arrangement that isn't too delicate. Sunflower stems can be tied together with ribbon alone because the stems are thick. They won't droop without wires. If you wish to incorporate other types of flowers, you will need to use something stronger than ribbon to hold the bouquet together, such as wire.

Basket Arrangements

For a more rustic feel to your sunflower arrangement, replace the traditional vase with a basket, either large or small. To make the display secure, take a piece of florists' foam, cut it to match the shape of the basket, and place it inside. Insert the sunflower stems into the foam and fill in any gaps with greenery or moss.

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