How to Trim Magnolia Fig Trees


Magnolia Fig is a variety of Ficus carica, and is also commonly known as Brunswick or Dalmatia fig. It is an edible fruiting variety that is nearly seedless, has a bronze and purple hued skin, and deep pink to red interior flesh. Magnolia figs, as with all fruiting fig trees, should be pruned lightly and infrequently.

Step 1

Prune your magnolia fig when dormant, either the fall or winter. Fall pruning will result in a summer fruit crop the following year, while winter pruning will result in a fall harvest the following year.

Step 2

Thin the interior branches of older fig trees that are slowing their fruit production or to increase the size of the fruit on the remaining branches on still heavily producing trees. Remove up to one quarter of the interior branches evenly throughout the canopy down to the parent branch, and discard the cuttings.

Step 3

Trim away any discolored, dead, diseased, cracked or otherwise compromised foliage and branches. Also trim away any weak branches or upright water sprouts that appear in the canopy to encourage lateral branching instead.

Step 4

Maintain an upright tree form on your magnolia fig by trimming off all branches and water sprouts that grow below the one-third to halfway mark up the trunk. This changes the natural shrub form of the fig and can reduce fruiting capacity, but is not harmful to the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves
  • Secateurs or loppers


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