Ideas for Potted Flowers

Designing a potted floral display begins with pot selection. Most planters come in a wide array of colors to match outdoor color palettes. Potted flowers add the spark to blend these containers with the landscape. Gardeners choose potted flowers to perform one of two different tasks. Plants either blend with the landscape using matching colors or stand out to attract attention. Potted flowers offer gardeners a versatile tool for outdoor decorating.

Color Echoes Within the Planter

Color echoing refers to the use of various shades of one color within a single pot. One way to create uniformity in a potted flower arrangement involves selecting a single type of plant in various hues. For example, Madagascar vinca comes in one variety with bright pink flowers. A second cultivar produces light pink flowers with a bright pink center that exactly matches the first variety. Repeating colors places emphasis on complementary color use within the container. A similar design plan pairs foliage heavy plants with distinctive colors and flowers of the same shades. Coleus, caladium and ornamental grasses contain hues that can be echoed with accent flowers in the planter. Gardeners often echo the pot color in the choices of various plants to further blend the container with the environment.

Vertical Gardening

The available space in a pot isn't only defined by the free soil surface. Space also exists above the soil and below the pot rim to house tall foliage or trailing plants. Potted flowers aren't confined to a small space. Plants should fill the pot, overflow the sides, and extend upward to create the visual effect of a mature plant. Using the vertical space above a pot allows great versatility in plant choices. Flowering annual vines, such as amaryllis or hyacinth bean, paired with a small trellis create a pleasing vertical flower display.

Foliage Texture

When looking at a flower garden, examine what actually frames and enhances each plant. The mulch forms a dark backdrop to showcase the blooms of annual and perennial flowers. Varying shades of foliage form a consistent background to complement flower blooms. Flowerpots work the same way. Blend foliage plants such as hosta, dracaena, vinca vine or English ivy with brightly hued flowers in a single pot. The foliage draws attention to the flower blooms and provides the perfect frame for the flowers. The focal point of this potted flower is the flower itself. The complementary plants enhance the floral display and fill excess area within the container.

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