How to Build a Flower Box


Attractive additions to the exterior of your home, flower boxes are generally placed on or even with the window sills of your house. While flower boxes can be purchased at a variety of stores, including home improvement and gardening stores, you can save some money and use your creativity by building your own flower box. After you have built a flower box and attached it to your home, you can plant any type of flower or other ornamental plant.

Step 1

Cut a piece of 1-inch thick wood the length that you would like to make the flower box. This piece serves as the bottom of the box. You can also cut the wood down to your preferred width, though using wood that is already the width you want the box to be, such as 6 or 8 inches, saves you the trouble.

Step 2

Saw two additional pieces of 1-inch thick wood the same length as the bottom of the flower box for the front and the back of the bob. Then, cut two end pieces from the 2-inch thick wood to fit inside the box when the bottom, front and back are placed together. The pieces should be the same width as the bottom of the box and 1 inch shorter than the sides to fit inside the box.

Step 3

Place the pieces of the box so that the bottom is lying between the front and back pieces and the sides are in place, inside the front and back pieces at each end of the box. Clamp the box together and mark with a pencil on the outside of the box the locations where the screws need to be. Marks should be made every 2 to 3 inches along of the bottom of the box on both the front and the back to hold the front and back to the bottom piece, and at least two screws should be used where each side of the box meets both the front and the back boards of the box.

Step 4

Secure the pieces of the box together by placing a screw each in each place that you marked. If you have a drill, you may find it helpful to start pilot holes for each screw. If not, use wood screw with sharp points to start the holes.

Step 5

Attach the flowerbox to the side of your house with L-brackets if you want the flower box to be even with the window sill. To attach the brackets, screw two-inch screws through the brackets and into the house and screw half-inch screw through the upper part of the brackets to the bottom of the box. To help secure the box to the side of the house, drive 3 to 4 inch screws directly through back wood panel of the box into the house.

Things You'll Need

  • 1-inch thick wood
  • Saw
  • 2-inch thick wood
  • Band saw
  • 1 ½-inch wood screws
  • Clamps
  • Pencil
  • 3 to 4 inch screws


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