Favorite Tomato Varieties

The tomato plant is a tender perennial, best suited to warm climates. They are susceptible to spring and fall frost, which limits their growing season in climates with cold winters. While tomatoes were once believed to be poisonous, according to the University of Illinois they are now considered the most popular garden vegetable.

Early Girl

'Early Girl' takes 54 days to reach maturity. Its tomatoes are typically 5 oz. 'Early Girl' is considered an indeterminate tomato variety, meaning it will continue to grow in height throughout the growing season. This variety is not heat tolerant, so it is best grown in USDA Zones 2 and 3. Pruning is not recommended for the 'Early Girl' tomato.


The 'Celebrity' tomato plant reaches maturity in 70 days from the time of planting. It is a determinate variety. This variety is more resistant to disease than the early producers, and the fruit generally has less deformities and cracking. Prune the 'Celebrity' tomato plant and use either tomato cages or stakes for stability. This variety tends to produce large yields of tomatoes per plant and is hardy to USDA Zone 9.

Super Sweet 100

The 'Super Sweet 100' tomato, an indeterminate variety, is often referred to with the more general "cherry tomato" name. It reaches maturity after 70 days from planting and produces very sweet-tasting, 1-inch tomatoes. The 'Super Sweet 100' variety has a high yield of fruit, and pruning is recommended to reach optimum productivity. Check the plant often, after maturity, and harvest ripened fruit on a regular basis. It is best grown in USDA Zone 13.

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