How to Make Organic Liquid Fertilizer


Using fertilizer on a lawn can get expensive, and you don't always understand what all the chemicals are that you are using. You might wonder if it is safe for your children or animals. One way to resolve the issue is to make your own safe, organic fertilizer to apply to your lawn and garden. This way you are sure that it is safe for all to enjoy, and you might save a little money as well.

Step 1

Fill the 5-gallon bucket with water and set it in the sun.

Step 2

Fill a cloth bag with a pound of manure and tie it closed with some string. This will keep it from escaping. Livestock manure is good, such as from a horse or cow, but manure from other animals such as chickens will do well also. Don't use pet manure from dogs and cats. If you do not have access to fresh manure, you can purchase bagged manure at nurseries, garden centers and some home improvement stores with garden departments.

Step 3

Drop the bag into the water and put the lid on. Seal it as tight as you can to keep the odor down. The sun will heat the water and perk it similar to tea. In fact, this is called manure tea.

Step 4

Open the lid and stir the water once a day and any time you are going to take water out of the container.

Step 5

Let the container sit for at least three or four days before taking any water out of the container. Refill with more water if you take some out, and check the bag every week or so to see if most of the manure has leached out. If it has, add a new bag and throw away the old one. Keeping it constantly supplied will help prevent you from running out.

Step 6

Fill a watering can to sprinkle the tea on lawns and gardens.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-gallon bucket with a lid
  • Water
  • 1 lb. cow, horse or chicken manure
  • Cloth bag
  • String


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