How to Compost on the Kitchen Counter


For many, tossing food scraps down the disposal or in the trash is the normal way of doing things. A better way would be to compost this kitchen waste to help build better flower and vegetable gardens in the spring, and many communities have a composting program set up as part of their recycling efforts. If you want to make your own compost in the kitchen, it's easily done using any food-grade plastic pail.

Step 1

Place eggshells, toast crusts or other food waste from breakfast in the compost pail. Replace the lid on the compost pail.

Step 2

Dump used coffee grounds and tea bags into the compost. Be sure to remove any staples from the tea bags.

Step 3

Dispose of vegetable peelings, fruit peelings and other produce waste in the pail.

Step 4

Discard leftovers on the dinner plate into the compost, but do not include meats or bones. You can also throw away leftovers you do not want to save for future meals.

Step 5

Dump the compost pail into your outdoor compost every evening or when the pail is full. Wash the pail before starting the next day's compost.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean ice-cream pail with lid


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