How to Install Flower Bed Edging


A flower bed can nicely accent your yard and home when properly maintained. A common problem is grass from your lawn encroaching into the flower bed. Not only will it slowly make your flower bed smaller, it will also encroach in at different rates, preventing your flower bed from having a well-defined edge. To solve this problem, install a barrier between your flower bed and your lawn. Plastic edging works great, and when installed correctly, it will keep your lawn where it belongs--out of your flower bed.

Step 1

Measure the distance from the bottom of the edging to the bottom of the round lip on the edging.

Step 2

Dig a trench along the edge of your flower bed as deep as that measurement. Use a flat spade and dig straight down and not at an angle.

Step 3

Position the edging in the trench you dug. It should be held tight against the straight edge of the trench and the "V" notch on the edging should face in to your flower bed.

Step 4

Drive the provided stakes through the "V" into the soil to hold the edging in place. If the soil is soft, you may be able to push them in, otherwise use a hammer to drive in the stakes.

Step 5

Fill the soil back into the trench. Only the very top portion of the edging should protrude above the soil line.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Flat spade
  • Plastic garden edging
  • Stakes
  • Snips or utility knife


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