How to Preserve the Leaves on Pansies


Pansies are distinctive flowers because their blooms are edible. Pansies come in a range of colors including purple, gold, red and black. They have a black center that is often referred to as a "face." Each pansy has five leaves that are all round in shape. These leaves can be removed and preserved. The leaves can then be used in scrapbooks and other craft projects.

Step 1

Select the leaves from the pansies that you want to preserve. Pick them off of the stem only when you are ready to preserve them. Picking them ahead of the preservation process will give them time to wither and die. The best way to preserve foliage is to do it when the foliage is fresh.

Step 2

Open up a telephone book. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System recommends pressing as the best method for preserving pansies. Place your pansy leaves in a single layer within the pages of the telephone book.

Step 3

Place the telephone book on top of a counter, or any other hard, flat surface.

Step 4

Set some heavy books on top of the telephone book so that the weight presses the leaves as flat as possible.

Step 5

Wait 10 days and then check to see if the pansy leaves have completely dried. If not, put them back in between the phone book pages for another five days.

Step 6

Remove the dried pansy leaves and spray them with a light coating of hairspray.

Things You'll Need

  • Pansies
  • Telephone book
  • Heavy books
  • Hairspray


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