Profitable Herbs to Grow

Making money with your herb garden is becoming more popular. To sell your herbs for top prices, you will need to make sure your herbs are clean and undamaged. It can be rather labor intensive, so selecting herbs to grow and sell that will give you the most profit is essential to your success.

Culinary Herbs

You can grow popular, and profitable, culinary herbs for cooking that you can easily market at farmers markets and sell directly to restaurant chefs. Basil, dill, chives, garlic, marjoram, sage, oregano, rosemary, tarragon and specialty flavored mints and thyme are easy-to-grow, profitable herbs, particularly if you sell them fresh, not dried. Marketing culinary herb plants in small containers for the home gardener or for windowsill gardening can increase your profitability substantially.

Fragrant Herbs

Growing fragrant herbs can give you several avenues for making money with them. The flowers of the herbs contain the richest scents, but the leaves are also extremely fragrant. Fragrant herbs can be harvested and used, either fresh or dried, for medicinal purposes and teas. You can market your fragrant herbs to craft people, or create potpourri, herb pouches and sachets yourself for sale. The most sought-after, profitable fragrant herbs to grow are lavenders, scented thyme, mint varieties, hyssop, bergamot and lemon balm.

Specialty Herbs

Probably the most profitable herbs you can grow and market are in-demand herbs, or specialty herbs. If you live where there is a particular ethnic population, growing herbs specific to its ethnic cuisine and needs can result in high profitability. As an example, cilantro, or coriander, is widely used in Mexican and Latin American dishes, yet the bulk of fresh cilantro is grown and shipped from California. This means the cilantro really is not that fresh. Providing a reliable source of fresh cut cilantro to restaurant chefs and local residents could make you more money than all your other herbs combined. A few other specialty herbs command high prices, mostly because, again, they are not readily available. The sweetening, no-calorie herb stevia is becoming more popular every day and there is a growing market for fresh cut, dried and potted plants.

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