How to Care for a Terra Anthurium Plant


Anthurium is a genus of flowering plants that includes more than 800 species. Anthurium flowers are heart-shaped and generally red or pink, although the 'Terra' variety is a terra cotta brown. This is is an easy tropical plant to grow indoors in less-than-tropical regions of the U.S. The showy flowers, when cut and vased, can last from 10 days to two weeks.

Step 1

Place your Terra anthurium in an area where the temperature remains 75 to 90 degrees F in the daytime and 70 to 75 degrees F at night. Make sure it gets lots of bright but indirect sunlight.

Step 2

Water the anthurium until the planting medium is soaked and allow the top 2 inches to dry before watering again.

Step 3

Feed the Terra anthurium with a fertilizer recommended for use on African violets, every three to four weeks. Apply the fertilizer at half the rate suggested on the label. In late fall and winter, dilute the fertilizer to one-fourth the strength recommended on the label, reverting back to the half-strength solution in February.

Step 4

Remove old leaves and flowers by cutting them to the soil.

Step 5

Repot the Terra anthurium only when the roots have completely filled and are growing out of the pot. Repot into the next size larger pot and use equal parts of peat moss, pine bark and perlite.

Step 6

Avoid spider mites by periodically wiping the foliage (both sides) with a damp, soft cloth. Misting the plant daily will also help.

Step 7

Inspect the Terra anthurium periodically for signs of disease. Rhizoctonia, which causes root rot, is a common problem for anthuriums. Caused by a soil-borne fungus, it strikes in the warmer months when humidity is higher and the soil is moist. Look for brown spots on the foliage and flower stems or brown cankers at the soil line. Treat an infection with a commercial fungicide labeled for the control of rhizoctonia, at the rate suggested on the package.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning shears or sharp scissors
  • Peat moss
  • Pine bark
  • Perlite
  • Fungicide


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