Equipment for Cutting Grass

Lawn mowing is an important part of lawn maintenance. Properly mowed lawns, according to Ohio State University, have fewer problems with weeds and will be better prepared for the potential stresses from a lack of water. The physical act of lawn mowing is simple. It is a defoliation of the grass using a sharp, mechanical blade. In earlier times, that blade was often a single blade. In modern times, mechanical systems have been developed to make grass cutting faster and more efficient.

Rotary Mowers

Most home lawn mowers are rotary mowers. In a rotary mower, the blade spins a horizontally rotating blade. This sharpened blade cuts the foliage of the grass to a uniform height. Rotary mowers can be powered either by gasoline or by electricity. Lawn tractors can often be fitted with one or more blades to make mowing of large lawns faster and easier. Rotary mowers can have one of two types of blades. The oldest type is a straight blade that simply shears off the grass. A second, more modern, type is a mulching blade. A mulching blade is curved to create air currents that keep the blades of grass in the path of the blades. This allows the blades to strike the cut grass several more times to reduce its size. Mulching blades decrease the time required for grass to decompose as a natural mulch and fertilizer.

Reel Mowers

Reel mowers predate rotary lawn mowers. In a reel mower, a number of blades, often five or six, rotate horizontally. These sharp blades cut the grass via a scissoring action as they rotate against a fixed steel place. Although many people now use a human-powered reel mower, early reel mowers sometimes had a gasoline engine to spin the blades. In commercial lawn care, such as on golf courses, reel mowers are towed by a lawn tractor. The reels are powered by the motion of the wheels as the mower moves over the lawn. Reel mowers can cut much shorter than rotary mowers.

Basic Bladed Cutting

In some cases, a mechanical device might not be good for cutting grass. If your grass has grown exceptionally tall, scythes can cut grass to a height where a mower can finish the job. A scythe is a curved blade on a handle that works like a sharp knife to cut grass with each swing. Hand trimmers that look in many ways like large scissors can also work for cutting grass in places where a mower won't reach, such as around trees or near fences.

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