How to Plant Potatoes From Seed


Potato plants are grown from smaller sections of potatoes buried in the ground. This is because when exposed to light, potatoes turn green, resulting in a bitter taste. "Early" or "new" varieties of these plants take around eight weeks to grow, and are dug up about the time the plants are flowering. Other, larger varieties are normally harvested when the plant tops have died from cool temperatures or before the extreme heat of the summer, depending on if you planted them early or late.

Step 1

Place seed potatoes in a lit area and allow them to grow sprouts.

Step 2

Cut seed potatoes into about 2-inch sections. Place them back in a container for several days to develop an outer skin or thick cover on the cut potatoes. This will protect them from disease in the ground.

Step 3

Dig rows about 6 inches down and 4 inches wide. Make sure the rows are approximately 5 inches apart. Use a shovel or hoe.

Step 4

Place the potato pieces in the rows about 10 inches apart and cover with 3 or 4 inches of dirt.

Step 5

Water to dampen soil and wait for sprouts to grow above ground.

Step 6

Fill in the rest of the ditch once the sprouts show.

Step 7

Wait for more growth of about 8 inches and mound dirt up the sprout to half the height.

Step 8

Wait a couple of weeks and cover the sprouts once more to half the height.

Step 9

Mound dirt about an inch a week after this. The purpose is to keep the potatoes covered as they grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel or hoe
  • Seed potatoes
  • Water


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