Ideas for Country Wedding Bouquets

Weddings wouldn't be nearly as festive without flowers. Flowers brighten up the reception, decorate the buffet and cake table, and adorn the ceremony site. Flowers for a country wedding are less formal and more free form than formal weddings. Nearly all types of flowers are used with the exception the more exotic flowers such as orchids that would look out of place.


Baskets filled with flowers look like they've just been plucked from the garden. Fill the bride's basket with garden roses, peonies, lilacs and lilies. The bridesmaids could each carry a basket filled with one of the types of flowers in the wedding colors. For example, if the colors are pink and yellow, the first bridesmaid carries pink roses, the second pink peonies, the third pink lilacs and the fourth pink lilies. Set the baskets at the bride's table as centerpieces after the ceremony.


Think white milk pitchers, mason jars or compote dishes and you've got the country look started. Paper bags in bright colors stand in for vases and add color to the table. Place a tall drinking glass in the bag to hold the flowers. Plastic would work as well but fill the bottom with glass marbles to weigh it down. The glass should be shorter than the bag so it is not visible. Use light airy flowers in the arrangement such as petunias, daisies or larkspur.

Incorporating Gingham

Checked gingham fabric is country and not overwhelming in small doses. Use a gingham napkin underneath the floral centerpiece. Wrap the vase in gingham and tie with a jaunty bow. Echo the colors of the gingham in the arrangement. If the gingham is yellow and white, use yellow roses and white baby's breath. Consider a bouquet of only baby's breath. It's quick to arrange, doesn't wilt quickly and is relatively inexpensive. The trick is to be generous so each bouquet looks like a fluffy white cloud on a summer's day.


Use large fruits such as cantaloupe, honeydew melon, watermelons and pineapples as vases. Cut a thin slice off the bottom so the fruit is stable. Hollow the fruit out and fill with flowers. Or fill a clear vase with small fruits like kumquats, blueberries, crab apples or strawberries to hide the stems of the flowers. Yellow and orange cosmos with vases filled with lemon slices are bright and sunny.

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