The Best Blackberry Plants for Georgia

Blackberry plants are members of the Rubus family that bear small black drupelets--clusters of tiny fruits--in the summer. Some varieties of blackberry plants are trailing vines, while others are upright shrubs. Some may have thorns. Blackberry plants grow in a wide range of soils and do well in Georgia. The plants need full sun, good drainage, and regular irrigation and fertilization for the best crop production.


Brazos is an upright thorny blackberry plant that produces well in south Georgia. It is not a good choice for the mountainous areas of Georgia, because the fruit is susceptible to damage at 5 degrees F or lower. The medium to large blackberries are high in acid and best used for jams, jellies and baking.


Cheyenne is an upright thorny blackberry plant that produces well all over Georgia. The blackberries are medium to large and firm with a sweet flavor and a moderate amount of acidity. They are good for eating fresh and freezing.


Kiowa is a relatively new variety of blackberry plant that grows well in Georgia. The blackberries are larger than other varieties with a fine-quality flavor. They are good for eating fresh and freezing. The plants are upright and thorny.

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