How to Buy Bulk Corn to Plant


When you want to plant two or more 100-foot rows of corn in your garden or field, the tiny seed packs that you can purchase at a garden center are quickly going to become cost prohibitive. In these cases, finding a source for bulk corn seed is the only answer. Bulk corn seed is sold in amounts as small as 1/4 lb. or in bags of 50 lbs. or larger.

Step 1

Decide what type of corn you want to plant in your garden. Choose a second choice in case the variety of corn you want is not available in bulk. Not all suppliers will carry the type of corn you want.

Step 2

Determine how much seed you will need. Corn is planted every 4 to 8 inches in a row, so you will need approximately 1/4 lb. of seed per 100-foot row.

Step 3

Check with local farm stores. While variety may be limited to the most frequently planted types of corn, i.e., sweet or field, in your area, local farm stores often have the best prices.

Step 4

Look through seed catalogs. Most seed companies have an online website where you can peruse the catalog online or request a print copy.

Step 5

Compare prices for the variety of corn you have chosen.

Step 6

Order or purchase your corn from the dealer where you will get the best possible price.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed catalogs


  • University of Hawaii: Sweet Corn
  • Iowa State: Corn Planting Guide (PDF)
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