Names of Different Types of Flowers

Flowering blooms occur on many different types of plants, which allows a wide variety of options for your particular gardening space. From climbing vines to trees, you can add interest to a garden with blossoms of any height, in any color imaginable.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda shrub roses (Rosa spp.) are low-growing plants that reach approximately 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 feet in height, displaying clustered flowers in a variety of vivid colors, including reds, whites and pinks. A low-maintenance rose variety, floribundas thrive in full sunlight and prefer moist, well-drained soil high in organic content, according to the Kansas State University Research and Extension.


Flowering dogwood trees (Cornus florida) are prized for their abundance of small yellow flowers surrounded by bracts (modified leaves that resemble petals) in pink, white or red, with green foliage that becomes red during the fall season. Thriving in partial sun to partial shade, flowering dogwood trees prefer well-drained clay or sandy soil rich in nutrients, according to the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Flowering dogwoods grow to a height of 20 to 30 feet, with a spread of 25 to 30 feet.

Trumpet Creepers

Trumpet creepers (Campsis radicans) are flowering, climbing vines that are easily supported by buildings and other sturdy structures. Trumpet creepers display large, trumpet-shaped flowers in yellow, red and orange hues with green foliage, explains the University of Illinois Extension HortAnswers. Trumpet creepers reach a climbing height of approximately 35 feet, but because of their ever-climbing nature, they will continue growing until the support's surface ends. Thriving in full sunlight, trumpet creepers prefer moist, well-drained soil, but tolerate drought, heat, wet sites and dry sites.

Dragon Wings Begonias

Dragon wings begonias (Begonia x argenteoguttata "Dragon Wings") boast the characteristics most often associated with begonia plants--they are well-suited for use as bedding and are ideal for limited areas such as hanging baskets. Dragon wings begonias display large, shiny green leaves and red-orange flowers that bloom atop 5 inch stems. These begonias are prized for their ability to bloom for an extended period of time from the spring season until first frost, with continuous re-blooming. Dragon wings begonias thrive in full sun to full shade, and prefer moist, well-drained soil. They grow to a height of 2 to 3 feet, according to the Clemson University Extension.

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