Acidic Soil Types

Acidic soil is determined by its pH level. Any soil in which the pH level is below 7.0 is considered acidic. The acidity of your soil can be determined with a soil test, either done with a home kit or by having a soil sample sent away to a professional laboratory. There are many types of plants that prefer acidic soil to an alkaline soil, including azaleas, ground junipers and the Daphne rose.

Sandy Soils

Sandy soils, as the name would imply, are made up primarily of sand. It is a porous soil type that dries out quickly and offers plants next to no nutrient value. Sandy soils are also prone to soil erosion, due to their lightweight texture. While sandy soil can have the acidity that most plants like, to successfully grow plants in this soil, you will need to amended. By adding organic materials, such as aged manure or garden compost, you will provide the nutrients this soil type lacks. Amending the soil will also help with moisture retention.

Peaty Soils

This acidic soil type can consist almost entirely of peat, or have a high level of sand mixed with the peat. Peaty soil is a bit of an oddity, in that it can be either extremely porous in dry conditions, or become waterlogged in perpetually wet areas. Peaty soils offer few nutrients and must be amended before the soil is fertile enough to successfully grow plants in. To improve peaty soils, add compost or aged manure, for nutrient value, along with small gravel, for improved drainage if the soil is not already high in sand content.

Organic Soils

This soil type is often found in wetlands and bogs, where depressions of land level have occurred in areas of high rainfall. The decomposition rate in these areas is slow and, as a result, organic matter becomes abundant. This type of organic soil can be difficult for trees to thrive in, but this soil type is the perfect environment for growing moss. Trees that will grow in organic soil are black spruce and Atlantic white cedar. Blueberries and cranberries also do well in this soil type.

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