How to Adjust the Deck on Troy-Bilt Lawn Mowers


When cutting your grass, you need to have your lawn mower deck at the correct height. Mowing too tall will leave your grass looking wild and unsightly after a few days. Mowing too short will scalp your grass. This can cause it to dry out and possibly die. Troy-Bilt lawn mowers, like other riding lawn mowers, have a deck height adjustment lever on them. This allows you to easily raise and lower the deck to the correct setting.

Step 1

Start your Troy-Bilt lawn mower and drive it to the area you intend to cut your grass.

Step 2

Press the brake pedal down all the way. The brake pedal is on the left side of the lawn mower.

Step 3

Grasp the lift lever which is to the left of the driver's seat. Push the lever forward to lower the mower deck to the desired setting.

Step 4

Cut your grass, then press the brake pedal and pull the lift lever back up all the way to raise your mower deck up to the highest setting before driving to its parking location.


  • OwnerIQ: Troy-Bilt: Lawn Tractor Owner/Operator Manual
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