Brugmansia Varieties

Brugmansia is a tropical plant native to areas of South America. Often called angel's trumpet for its dangling flowers, this shrub or small tree can reach a height of 15 feet, according to the University of Florida. The flowers are showy and trumpet-shaped, and can be as large as 12 inches long. Brugmansia varies in growth rate, flower color and size, depending on the variety.


This hybrid brugmansia variety has single-petaled, white flowers that have a pleasant scent. The flowers of this variety last longer than many other types of brugmansias. Marrakesch is also desirable because it will begin to flower at a younger age than most brugmansias (around two years old).


Brugmansia aurea is a species with flowers that are 9 inches long, making this a medium-sized brugmansia. The buds are white at first, then become a soft yellow color as they mature. Golden Queen is a popular cultivar of this species. This variety of brugmansia is fragrant at night.

Jean Pasco

Jean Pasco is a cultivar known for its soft, peach color with darker margins. This variety was discovered in Ecuador and named for the man who discovered it. The flowers, which are some of the largest seen on any variety of brugmansia (up to 20 inches long) flare very widely at the bottom. This brugmansia grows more like a shrub than a tree. The plant tends to spread out as it grows.

Insignis Pink

The Insignis Pink variety of brugmansia features blooms that are a soft pink color that fade to white in the center of the flower. Insignis Pink is a fast-growing brugmansia and is one of the easiest types to care for. In addition, this plant re-blooms continually throughout the summer.


Variegata is so named for its variegated leaves, which have creamy white markings on the margins. This brugmansia soft, peach-colored flowers. Although the foliage is attractive, this variety does not bloom with as many flowers as some of the other varieties.


The Knightii variety of brugmansia is desirable for its yellow flowers that hang in pairs. This prolific bloomer won the UK's Royal Horticultural Society's Award. This particular variety is one of the largest brugmansias. It can grow over 9 feet tall.

Gold Traum

Gold Traum is a small, compact brugmansia that grows at a medium rate. This variety, which features pale yellow flowers, is a good choice for a smaller home garden. The flowers darken as they age, from pale yellow to a soft golden color. This variety blooms even when young and is particularly known for its strong scent.

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