Flowers for Deck Boxes

Gardening with deck boxes brings greenery and life into a bare, empty area. The long, narrow shape of a deck box makes it ideal for small flowers and trailing plants that can hang over the edges. There are many flowers that can be creatively utilized in a deck box to make a colorful and lively piece of scenery.

Fairy Fanflower

Cultivate he fast-growing and drought-tolerant fairy fanflower (Scaevola aemula), a versatile herbaceous perennial, in a deck box. A native of Eastern Australia, fairy fanflower sports toothed green leaves and fan-shaped flowers that come in a range of cool colors. New wonder is an especially popular cultivar that boasts bluish purple flowers, although white wonder, which has white flowers, is also a popular variety. Fairy fanflower will grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11 in either light shade or full sunlight. A loose, well-drained or sandy soil is ideal for this coastal plant, which can also tolerate high levels of saline. Fairy fanflower rarely requires additional watering and can largely be left alone.

Western Bleeding Heart

Western bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) is a wiry perennial notable for its columns of pink, red and white heat shaped flowers, which hang down from delicately arched branches. The spring- and summer-blooming plant is well suited to a deck box that has some shade. The plant will do best in full or partial shade. Western bleeding heart grows in a range of climates, from USDA Hardiness Zones 3A to 9A. A neutral, well-drained loam is ideal for this plant. Water the Western bleeding heart as needed, more in the summer, less in cooler months. The plant is poisonous if ingested, so keep curious children and pets at bay.

Angelwing Jasmine

A member of the olive family, angelwing jasmine (Jasminum nitidum), also called star jasmine or confederate jasmine, is a flowering vine native to Papua New Guinea. The plant sports glossy, dark green foliage and star shaped waxy white flowers, which are heavily fragrant. The plant is frost sensitive and prefers the warm temperatures of USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11, although it may be grown in Zone 9 if properly mulched. Angelwing jasmine can be grown in a deck box to add rich texture and fragrance to an outdoor area. The plant prefers full sunlight, though it's not fussy about soil. Water the plant frequently during the growing season, and withhold watering during winter. Prune the plant into any shape desired, as angelwing jasmine is quite resilient.

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