Things to Grow in a Greenhouse

Whether you want a greenhouse for delicate orchids or to mass produce crops year-round, the structure is ideal for avid gardeners or plant enthusiasts. Greenhouses reduce worries about outside elements, protect delicate plants and provide a certain, sustainable environment. While all plants, vegetables, fruits or flowers can be grown in a greenhouse, a select few benefit the most from being grown in one.


Greenhouses mimic the tropical environment very well, as they can be moist, humid and, if necessary, with full sun. Ferns, which are tropical jungle plants that double as houseplants, need humidity, heat and low lighting (an attribute taken on from growing under jungle canopies). When grown in a greenhouse, ferns benefit from being misted and watered regularly. Many varieties of the plant are available, ranging in colors from very light green to almost black, with different textures and sizes. Popular greenhouse fern varieties include maidenhair, staghorn and Boston.


Native to Asia, Africa and South America, the tropical begonia flower comes in almost any color you can dream of and provides an aromatic scent. There are dozens of begonia types, depending on the size and color. The textures are all similar, but can be either waxy or hairy. They bloom year-round in greenhouses, but need shade.


Known as one of the more common flowers for greenhouses, orchids thrive in a controlled environment because they're so delicate and temperamental. These flowers not only need protection from weather elements and pests, but also need a tightly controlled atmosphere and specific care. They benefit most in greenhouses when grown in humidity trays. Common greenhouse orchids include the cattleya, phalaenopsis and cymbidium.

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