Different Kinds of White Flowers

From gladiolas to hibiscus to roses, there are many flowering plants that produce white blooms. These plants range in form from shrubs or bushes to corms (tube-shaped bulbs), but most thrive in full sun and require regular watering. Plants with white blooms will complement any home garden or landscape, and many will stay evergreen throughout the cooler season.


Gladiolas (Gladiolus) grow from a corm, which is similar to a plant bulb, but is usually more elongated. Like plant bulbs, the corm is a storage space for water and food, that may help the plant to survive during extreme heat or cold. Gladiolas, which bloom from spring to fall, are hardy in U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zones 7 to 11, where they are perennials. These plants have sword-shaped, bright green foliage and tube-shaped flowers that bloom in a row on a spike. Gladiolas may be used as annuals in colder climates, and the corms may be dug up and stored over the winter. In any climate, they thrive in full sun and loose soil, and require regular water during growing season.


Hibiscus (Hibiscus) is a shrub that is hardy in most any zone, depending on the variety. Hibiscus produce large, showy blooms, particularly the perennial hibiscus (H. moscheutos), which is also known as rose mallow. The "blue river" cultivar of this variety produces pure white blooms that can reach 10 inches across. The Chinese or tropical hibiscus (H. rosa-sinensis) variety cannot withstand temperatures below 30 degrees F, but the "white wings" cultivar can grow to 20 feet and produces single white flowers with red in the throat. Hibiscus thrive in full sun to part shade in warmest climates, and require regular water.


Generally believed to be the most popular home-landscape plant in the world, roses are evergreen shrubs that produce blooms ranging in size from tiny miniatures (about 1 inch across when open) to larger tea roses (up to 4 inches across). In general, roses can be grown in any zone, thrive in full sun to light shade and require regular watering. The "white lightnin" cultivar is a grandiflora tea rose that can grow to 10 feet and produces clusters of white blooms, while the "snowbride" cultivar is a miniature variety that grows to 1 1/2 feet and has white blooms.

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