Asiatic Lily Colors

True lilies belong to the Lilium family such as the Asiatic lily and Asiatic lily hybrids. These lilies have rigid stems with narrow leaves that run from top to bottom. The flowers can face upward, outward or downward. They prefer full or part sun. Asiatic lilies do well in deep, fertile well-drained soil. The flowers are 4 to 6 inches wide and come in a variety of colors.

Orange and Red

There are a number of hybrids that are orange and red. Giraffe is a tall variety with red-edged yellow flowers. They are 4 to 5 feet tall and bloom in late July. Blackout is another variety that is the darkest red lily there is today. It has black-red flowers with small black spots. Avignon, a reddish orange hybrid, grows up to 36 inches and faces upward.


Pink is a popular color in Asiatic hybrids. There are many pink varieties. A few include, azurra, chianti. Cote D'Azur, Geneve and la toya. A new variety is the Iowa rose lily. They are rose colored with black spots and bloom in mid-June. Bali Hai' is a combination of rose, peach and mango coloration. The flowers grow in a pyramid in late June.


Bright diamond is a new hybrid with long leaves and cream-colored buds that open white with a trace of green in the middle. Another hybrid is the brushstroke that has tall stems with up-facing white flowers. If the weather turns cool, the flowers will become creamer in color.


The King David hybrid is a golden color produced from three different plants. It is tall with black stems and gold flowers with black spots. A light yellow variety is the flirt. It has big flowers with elegant ruffled edges. This was first introduced more than 30 years ago.

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