Rabbit Proof Annual Flowers

Rabbits often take a liking to expensive annual flowers in containers or along garden borders. Rabbit fickleness and hunger often causes the pest to snack on every plant in the garden. Rabbit-proof annual flowers often have strong smells, textured leaves or prickles to discourage grazing. These characteristics don't always deter rabbits, but may allow you to successfully coexist with these furry pests.


Ageratum's foliage features a pebbly texture that may discourage rabbit browsing. This member of the aster family produces compact foliage that makes it perfect as an edging plant. Ageratum produces fluffy flowers in blue, white or pink, although blue is the traditional ageratum color. Plant ageratum in full sun to partial shade locations for best results. Flower blooms last for a long period of time and may self-seed. Plant ageratum after the danger of frost passes in late spring.


The marigold has quite a few characteristics to deter rabbits. These plants produce a light fragrance that may discourage rabbit browsing. Marigolds feature rounded blooms in a range of yellow/orange shades and blends. This bedding plant grows between 6 and 36 inches high depending on the cultivar. Marigolds thrive in full sun and benefit from regular spent flower head removal to produce new blooms. Rabbits will sometimes feed on juvenile marigolds, so move these smaller plants into containers until they reach maturity.


The tough little snapdragon is rabbit resistant and tolerates cool temperatures as well. Snapdragon comes in a variety of pastel colors and variegation. This plant grows upright with simple foliage that produces stems with a series of tubular flowers. Snapdragons grow up to 36 inches tall based on cultivar type and require a planting location that features good soil drainage. These plants will bloom from late spring to early fall with continued deadheading of dead flowers.


The bright, sun-loving vinca provides a tough annual plant that tolerates heat and requires little care. Unlike other annuals, vinca doesn't require deadheading for continual flower production. The annual vinca, also called Madagascar vinca, differs greatly from the ground cover and vine-like vinca of the same family. These upright plants produce glossy green leaves that provide a backdrop for long lasting flowers in red, pink, white and lavender.

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