List of Tree Cutting Tools

Trees improve the landscape in many ways and come in endless sizes, shapes and colors. Some trees provide shade and many trees produce colorful flowers or tasty fruits and nuts. Caring for trees usually requires regular trimming or pruning to maintain the shape or health of growing trees. Using the right tree cutting tools is important and depends on the size of the branch.

Pruners and Loppers

Pruning shears or hand pruners are tree cutting tools for branches up to ¾ inch in diameter. Tree pruners come in either scissor-type or anvil-type. The scissor-type pruner uses two sharp blades that cross each other like a scissor, which creates clean cuts. Anvil pruners include one sharp blade that cuts against an anvil that can often crush the branch instead of cutting it. Loppers or lopping shears work best on branches ¾ inches in diameter up to 1-½ inches. This cutting tool features long handles, requires two hands to use, provides more leverage and allows you to cut out-of-reach branches.

Hand and Pole Saws

Hand saws work for tree trimming on branches over 1 ¾ inches. Various types of saws work for tree cutting including the pruning saw or folding saw, which cuts faster and more easily than a common carpenter's saw, according to the Texas A&M University. Bow saws only work for making cuts where there are no obstructions within 1 foot above the cut. Pole saws are connected to a long handle, but this type of saw often creates jagged cuts. Pole pruners resemble lopping shears attached to a pole that is controlled with a rope.


Chainsaws come with either electrical or gas power, in a number of styles and sizes. Chainsaws can cut off large tree branches and are often used to cut firewood. This type of tree cutting tool requires protective gear and previous knowledge to operate. Inexperienced users should avoid chainsaws. These saws do not make clean cuts and should be left to a professional arborist, especially for any type of cuts near electrical lines or higher up in a tree. You can use a chainsaw to cut through even the thickest trunks or branches.

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