Easy to Grow Garden Plants

Many people desire to have a healthy garden, but struggle due to time or know-how. There are many easy to grow plants for either a flower or vegetable garden that are suitable for beginners. Easy plants generally require little care and need little more than soil and adequate water to be successful.


The sunflower, an annual flower, is native to North America. They produce large yellow flower heads with edible seeds which bloom from late spring to early summer. According to Purdue University, sunflower seeds are the third largest source of vegetable oil in the world. They attract honeybees and other pollinators. They are easy to grow and love moist soil and full sun. Sunflowers can grow up to 12 feet in height and the flower can grow up to 1 foot in diameter.

Cherry Tomato

Cherry tomatoes are a small variety of the garden tomato. They are easy to grow as long as they have plenty of sunlight and adequate water. Tomatoes need six to eight hours of sunlight a day for the best yield. Cherry tomatoes make an excellent plant to grow with children. They are one of the easiest garden vegetables to grow. You can grow them in containers on a patio, and they produce fruit 60 to 90 days after germination. Cherry tomatoes reach heights of around 6 feet and grow best if supported with a tomato cage or wooden stakes.


Nasturtiums are annual climbing flowers that can reach heights of up to 12 feet. They are a hardy plant that can survive in cooler temperatures. They have funnel-shaped blooms in spring and summer that are typically red, orange or yellow. They grow very and can become invasive and choke out other plants. You will have to prune them if you plant them near shrubs. They prefer moist soil and can thrive in both full and partial sun.


Radishes are an edible root vegetable that is a relative of the turnip. They are easy to grow and prefer cooler temperatures. Radishes grow quickly and prefer moist, fertile soil. They are usually ready to harvest within a month after you plant them. They vary in size and color. Mature radishes can be white, red or deep purple.

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