How to Start Bedding Plants


Start bedding plants indoors at the end of the winter months. You will have a head start from planting them directly in the outdoor soil in the spring. Seeds are started indoors in any location, but the process is especially helpful if you live in an area with a short growing season. In fact, it may be the only way to grow some bedding plants in these locations. It is not a difficult process, and it will save you a lot of money at your local nursery or garden center.

Step 1

Collect used food containers, such as those from yogurt, cottage cheese or sour cream. Poke about three holes in the bottom of each container with a thin nail for water drainage. Use commercial seeding products, such as peat pots or seeding trays, if you prefer.

Step 2

Fill the seed containers with potting soil, but leave a clear space of ½ inch at the top.

Step 3

Use a bottle sprayer to mist the soil. Stir the soil to make sure it is completely moistened.

Step 4

Read the bedding plant seed packet directions for planting depth. This will vary with different types of bedding plants. Poke a hole in the soil of each seeding container, to the appropriate depth, using a pencil or wood skewer.

Step 5

Drop a seed in each of the holes and brush soil over the top.

Step 6

Place all individual containers in a tray, unless you are using a seeding tray. Cover the tray with a piece of clear plastic wrap. Seeding trays come with a clear plastic cover. Place this over the top if you are using this type of container.

Step 7

Place the tray near a sunny window, one that gets at least six hours of sun per day. Keep the soil moist at all times. The seeds will only germinate in a warm, moist environment. Use the spray bottle when needed, but don't offer the seeds so much water that they sit in mud.

Step 8

Remove the plastic wrap or seeding tray cover, as soon as the bedding plant seeds sprout. Continue to spray the soil about once a day.

Step 9

Transplant the bedding plant seedlings outdoors after the last frost in your location.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed planting containers
  • Potting soil
  • Water bottle sprayer
  • Seeds
  • Pencil
  • Tray
  • Plastic wrap


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