How to Control Bark Beetle in Jeffery Pine Trees


The Jeffrey pine bark beetle almost exclusively inhabits Jeffrey pines. When a pine tree is infested, there will be holes on the surface bark through which sap may pour out. Jeffrey pine beetles most often attack the midsection of the trunk of the tree from about 5 to 30 feet in height. Unfortunately, trees that are already under attack cannot be saved. However, the rest of the Jeffery pine trees in your area can be saved if precautionary measures are promptly taken.

Step 1

Inspect the Jeffrey pine trees on your property for signs of bark beetle infestation. Pine bark beetles often attack old trees, newly transplanted trees and unhealthy trees suffering from poor cultural conditions. Call a professional to cut down any infested trees and promptly burn or chip the wood to destroy the feeding larva inside.

Step 2

Thin large stands of Jeffrey pine trees by having a professional tree removal service take out some trees from the stand even if they are healthy. By reducing the size of the stand, you will reduce competition amongst the trees and improve the health of the remaining pines. Consult your local county extension office or local tree experts for advice on which trees to remove and how many it would be best to cull.

Step 3

Reduce healthy Jeffery pine tree's susceptibility to bark beetle attack by refraining from pruning between February and mid-October.

Step 4

Contact your local county extension office to enquire about predators that can be successfully released in your area. Natural enemies of the pine bark beetle are woodpeckers, predatory beetles (Enoclerus lecontei and Temnochila chlorodia), flies (Medetera aldrichii) and parasitic wasps. These parasites may not eliminate the infestation, but they will keep the local beetle population in check.

Step 5

Place attractant pine beetle pheromone traps around your property to attract and kill bark beetles. Or, erect repellent pine beetle pheromone traps around highly valued pine trees to keep them free from infestation.

Things You'll Need

  • Pheremone traps


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