How to Decorate Flower Beds


Starting and maintaining an attractive flower bed involves more than simply planting a variety of colorful and textured flowers. It also involves adequately decorating the area to accentuate the natural beauty of the foliage and flora. Decorating your flower garden or flower beds proves to be an easy and creative task that lets you experiment with a variety of decorative touches.

Step 1

Measure the dimensions of your flower bed with a tape measure. This allows you to know the amount of gravel to fill in the area.

Step 2

Surround your established flowers with 1-inch-deep layer of colored gravel. Select a color that enhances the current color variations of your flower bed.

Step 3

Place a small cobblestone slab between widely spaced flowers. Two or three cobblestones in a flower bed look natural and serve as platforms on which figurines can sit.

Step 4

Place attractive garden figurines on the cobblestones. Gnomes, fairies and garden frog statues look beautiful in a flower bed.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Colored gravel
  • Cobblestones
  • Assorted figurines (optional)


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