Common California Flowers

Home to towering redwood forests, majestic mountain ranges and seemingly endless miles of coastal land, California is a state with breathtaking scenery. California is also home to a diverse selection of flowers, many common species of which can be found growing throughout the state in the wild and in home gardens.

California Fuchsia

California fuchsia (Epilobium canum ssp. canum), also called fireweed or hummingbird's trumpet, is a perennial shrub native to California. The plant sports dense green leaves and tubular red blooms, which appear in late summer and fall. Highly attractive to both butterflies and birds, California fuchsia is a popular garden plant that is often used as a border or specimen in naturalized or woodland gardens. Rarely reaching heights above 2 feet, California fuchsia is also used as a dense ground cover. The plant grows best in USDA zones 9A to 11A in full sunlight. A neutral loam that is well drained is the ideal soil for this plant, which requires very little supplemental watering.

California Poppy

Easy to grow and easy on the eyes, the California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is a common sight throughout California---in part because it holds the title of state flower. Growing throughout the United States in zones 5 to 10, the California poppy is an annual that requires little attention. The flower boasts wiry blue-green foliage accented by bright-orange cup-shaped flowers, which have a silky, soft texture. The plant thrives in disturbed, dry soils and will grow along dry, hot roadsides and abandoned dirt lots. California poppy requires full sunlight, well-drained soil and little else, though the occasional watering won't hurt. Contrary to popular belief, picking a California poppy is not illegal, though they often look much better in the ground than in a vase.

California Holly

A native of the state, California holly (Heteromeles arbutifolia), also called Christmas berry, is a summer-blooming evergreen shrub or tree notable for its glossy dark-green leaves, pinkish-red berries and dense clusters of small white flowers. A common sight in gardens throughout the state, California holly is easy to grow and maintain in USDA zones 8B to 10B. The shrub will grow in partial sunlight or full sunlight, and the plant isn't picky about soil pH: A neutral, acidic or slightly alkaline soil is fine so long as the soil is well drained. California holly is ideal for rock gardens and coastal gardens, as the plant will tolerate a fair amount of salt.

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