How to Use Pyrethrum


Pyrethrum is an all-natural insecticide made from the dried flowers of chrysanthemum. It is commonly used to get rid of aphids, mites, fungus gnats and whiteflies. It can be used outdoors, indoors and in a greenhouse. Pyrethrum usually comes in the form of a fogger. Use the fogger correctly to ensure that the insects are effectively eliminated.

Step 1

Prepare yourself to use the pyrethrum fogger. Wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, and cover your feet with socks and shoes. Protect your hands with a pair of chemical-resistant gloves.

Step 2

Remove all pets and humans from the area where you plan on using the pyrethrum fogger.

Step 3

Choose a central location to set off your pyrethrum fogger. Place a low chair or table in that location and cover it with a few sheets of newspaper.

Step 4

Place the fogger on the chair or table and the set the sprayer off. You can do this by folding over the plastic tab on the top and then pushing down on the sprayer button.

Step 5

Exit the area immediately. Do not return with your family and pets until 12 hours have passed.

Tips and Warnings

  • Most foggers including pyrethrum are flammable. Keep them away from heaters, candles and fireplaces.

Things You'll Need

  • Protective clothing
  • Chemical-resistant gloves
  • Newspaper
  • Pyrethrum fogger


  • Planet Natural: Pyrethrum Insecticide
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