Lawn Edging Options

A crisp line separating the lawn from planting areas or hardscapes, like a walkway, gives the landscape a professionally manicured appearance. Both natural and manufactured materials can produce a lawn edging that is also known as landscape edging. Homeowners can choose between lawn edging that is at or above ground level. Ground level edging requires less lawn maintenance since the mower can roll over it while raised edging will require the use of a trimmer.


Place wood, like pressure treated lumber or railroad ties, lengthwise on top of the ground or embedded into the ground. Wood as a lawn edging is best suited for straight applications. Gravel or stacked stone, like flagstone, creates a level or raised lawn edging. When using gravel for a lawn edging, place landscape fabric or other type of weed barrier on the ground before spreading the stone. Stone easily maneuvers to accommodate a curved lawn.


Steel or plastic landscape edging, available in 4 to 6 inch tall sections, helps to block grass roots from reaching into a flower bed. Almost completely embedded in the ground, a lawn mower can cut over this form of lawn edging. Install steel or plastic landscape edging in a wedge cut into the lawn. Bricks or artificial stone created from concrete can be mortared below ground level for easier lawn maintenance. Stack the brick or artificial stone to create a mini retaining wall.


The no-expense way to create a crisp line between the lawn and flower bed or hardscape is to create a shallow trench. To create a trench around a flower bed, stand in the grass and then force a square-point shovel straight down into the grass to sever grass or weed roots. Step into the flower bed and make an angle cut 6 inches or less away from the initial straight down cut, like taking a pie wedge out of the ground. Pull out the wedge of soil. To create a trench along a hardscape, like a driveway, stand on the driveway to make the straight cut in the grass and then move to the grass to finish the wedge cut.

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