How to Buy a Venus Flytrap


Only a handful of plants feast on bugs and insects rather than get their nutrients from the soil. One of those plants is the Venus Flytrap. Venus flytrap plant leaves remain open until tiny hairs, called cilia, are moved by an insect. This triggers the leaves to close shut, trapping the insect inside. Purchasing your own Venus flytrap is a little bit tricky, as they are scarcer than average plants.

Step 1

Spend a little time researching Venus Flytraps before you go to purchase one. You will want to make sure you can spot a healthy Venus Flytrap so you don't come home with a sick one that is about to die. A plant's age, size, and color are not good indicators of health since they vary tremendously. Mainly, you want to look for leaves that have begun to turn brown or black. These leaves could be growing fungus or mold that will eventually spread to the rest of the Venus Flytrap plant. If that happens the flytrap will die.

Step 2

Search for a Venus flytrap locally. You may be able to find one at your local garden center, department store with a garden center, or home improvement store with a garden center.

Step 3

Ask the local retailer some questions. Find out if he is feeding the Venus flytrap purified water or tap water. Venus flytrap will die if fed tap water. Ask how much sun the Venus flytrap receive. Flytraps require a minimum of 12 hours of light. Do not purchase any flytraps that have not been cared for properly.

Step 4

Use an online retailer that specializes in selling carnivorous plants. These retailers are more likely to properly care for and ship the Venus flytrap. Make sure you do your homework on the company, and read customer reviews if available.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always research any online companies before purchasing a Venus flytrap. The Better Business Bureau will be able to give you a list of complaints, or let you know if the company is in good standing.


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