The Best Tomato Plants for Containers

Nearly a third of Americans eat at least one serving of tomatoes each day. With over 10,000 known varieties, tomatoes are a versatile fruit high in lycopene. Tomatoes purchased at the supermarket sometimes don't equal the flavor and nutritional value of home-grown tomatoes. For these reasons, many city-dwellers are electing to grow tomatoes in containers on a patio or deck. There are dozens of varieties that are well suited for this purpose.

Husky Red Hybrid

Husky Red Hybrid tomatoes produce large fruit that is a deep red in color. This is an indeterminate tomato, which means the produce grows on a vine and is harvested at multiple intervals. These tomatoes are good choices for fresh eating or canning. Husky Red Hybrid tomatoes are ready for harvest around 68 days after planting. They are resistant to verticullum wilt and fusarium wilt, diseases which cause yellowing and dropping off of tomato plant leaves.

Patio Hybrid

The Patio Hybrid tomato will produce small to medium-sized red fruit. This is a determinate tomato, which means it grows more like a bush. It also means that most of the fruit will ripen around the same time. This is usually around 65 days after seeds have been planted. These tomatoes can be used for sandwiches, salads or fresh eating. Patio Hybrid tomatoes have moderate resistance to most tomato diseases

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is a deep red cherry-type tomato. These fruits are small, weighing less than 1 oz. each. The fruits are also rounded and very juicy. These are a good choice for salads or fresh eating. Tiny Tim tomatoes are a determinate type and grow less than a foot tall, making them good for smaller containers. The harvest can usually be reaped in approximately 45 days after planting seeds. Disease resistance for this variety of tomato is unknown.

Container's Choice

The Container's Choice tomato resembles a small tree. It is a determinate variety that was developed specifically for growing in containers. The plants will yield a medium-sized bright red tomato that has very smooth skin. Container's Choice tomatoes ripen evenly so you can pick them at their peak ripeness. They are good choices for fresh eating or cooking. Seeds should first be started in peat pots before transplanting into containers. Fruits will be ready for picking in approximately 69 days after planting seedlings. These tomatoes have moderate resistance to fusarium wilt and verticullum wilt.

Cherry Gold

Cherry Gold tomatoes are another dwarf-type cherry tomato that is designed for container planting. This variety is a determinate type. It is very similar to Tiny Tim, with the exception that the fruit is a gold or deep yellow color. This fruit is a good choice for salads and garnishments. Cherry Gold tomatoes can be harvested 45 days after first planting seeds. It is unknown if Cherry Gold tomatoes have resistance to common tomato diseases such as verticullum Wilt, fusarium Wilt or septoria leaf spot, which is small circular spotting on the underside of the leaves.

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