Types of Indoor Flowers

Indoor flowers add color and fragrance to any room. Flowers range in size, shape and light requirements, so when when choosing indoor flowers, consider the available space and the amount of available natural light. Consider, too each flower's care requirements as certain species require more maintenance such as regular fertilization and pruning.


Perennial indoor flowers live at least three seasons, according to "The Indoor Plant Bible" by Dorte Nissen. The Barberton daisy is a herbaceous plant with large, lobe-shaped leaves and flowers that range in colors such as pink, yellow or white. The glory lily is a climber with curly, elongated leaves and red and yellow petals. The peace lily is a leafy plant with white flowers consisting of a single petal. The German primrose has broad, heart-shaped leaves and pastel colored flowers in such shades as white, pink, orange and purple. The pink quill, also known as the air plant, has long narrow leaves and is a epiphyte, which means the plant grows on another plant.


Succulents have thick skins and spines that hold water in extreme environments where water is scarce. Succulents do well as house plants because homes tend to be dry. The University of Minnesota Extension recommends mimicking the plant's winter conditions by placing the plant in full light with dry soil and cool temperatures to ensure the plant blooms in the spring. Rhipsalis cereuscula is an evergreen with white flowers that does well in hanging baskets. Gymnocalycium does well planted in a bowl or a trough and has white or pink flowers. Lobivia flowers range in color from purple, orange, red and yellow and are cylindrical in shape. Different types of mammillaria bloom with yellow and pink flowers.

Flowering Shrubs

Identified by their multiple, woody stems that branch out from the base of the plant, flowering shrubs outdoors can grow as tall as trees. Indoors, keep shrubs pruned to maximize flowering and keep the plant looking full, recommends "Spectacular Container Plants" by Byron E. Martin and Laurelynn G. Martin. The flowering maple has heart-shaped leaves and bell-shaped flowers in white, yellow, purple, pink and red. The russellia or coral plant has a weeping shape, needs full sun and has pinkish red flowers. The golden trumpet shrub has yellow, funnel-shaped flowers and needs regular fertilization during the growing season.

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