How to Make a Bouquet for a Bride


Brides' bouquets range from a single perfect calla lily to a cascade of dozens of orchids and everything in between. Some brides prefer the formal look of a posy bouquet, others like a rounded bouquet. The hand-tied bouquet is versatile as it goes with many styles of gowns from informal to formal. Megan McConnell Hughes, in her article "Choose a Bouquet Style," suggests an over-the-arm rose bouquet for sleek modern brides.

Step 1

Condition the flowers and fern by submerging their entire stems in ice water for an hour or so. Keep the flowers in a cool, dark place until you're ready to make the bouquet. An old refrigerator would be ideal. If that's not possible, an ice chest or cooler would work.

Step 2

Inspect the roses and remove any thorns from the stems. Check the flowers and snap off any bruised or discolored petals.

Step 3

Put one eucalyptus branch in your hand with four roses and two stems of gypsophila. Tape the stems of the flowers and leaves together at a point about 12 inches down their stem. Hold the end of the tape against the stems. Turn the stems of the flowers and leaves with your other hand. Stretch the tape and move it down the stems about 2 inches.

Step 4

Position five roses right below the first four roses. Add three stems of gypsophila. Tape that group of flowers to the first group. Twirl the stems of the bouquet to wrap the tape around them at the same spot.

Step 5

Stand in front of a mirror and hold the flowers in your arm. Add a eucalyptus branch, four roses and three more stems of gypsophila. Position these flowers right below the second group of flowers. Make sure the flowers are visible in the mirror. Tape to the bouquet.

Step 6

Add three roses and three stems of gypsophila and one branch of eucalyptus as the final flowers. Again position them right below the last group of flowers. Hold the bouquet and check in the mirror. Make any adjustments and then tape to the bouquet.

Step 7

Cut the stems of the flowers and branches to one length. Leave enough of the stems so the bouquet doesn't look top heavy and is comfortable to carry.

Step 8

Wrap the stems with the ribbon two or three times over the tape and then tie a bow.

Tips and Warnings

  • Cut the stems of the final bouquet in stages. You can always cut shorter but you can't add back length.

Things You'll Need

  • 15 roses
  • 3 eucalyptus branches
  • Gypsophila, large bunch
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon wire edged
  • Scissors


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