How to Make Dry Organic Fertilizer


Almost all soil can benefit from the extra nutrients fertilizer provides. Fertilizers come in either a liquid form or as a dry powder or granule. You can create your own dry fertilizer at home, and then mix it in with the soil in your yard or garden. Homemade organic dry fertilizers are both better for the soil than chemical fertilizers and lighter on your pocketbook.

Step 1

Pour the organic seed meal into a large bucket (at least 5 gallons).

Step 2

Add the bone meal, kelp meal, and gypsum. Stir to combine the ingredients.

Step 3

Pour the dolomitic lime and the agricultural lime into the large bucket and stir to combine.

Step 4

Use a rake to loosen the soil where you plan to add the fertilizer. Organic Springtime recommends sprinkling the fertilizer over the soil at a rate of 2 qts. per 50 square feet of soil.

Step 5

Use a rake to mix the fertilizer into the loose soil.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 gallons of organic seed meal
  • 2 qts. bone meal
  • 1 qt. kelp meal
  • 1 qt. gypsum
  • 1 qt. dolomitic lime
  • 1 qt. agricultural lime
  • 5-gallon or larger bucket
  • Rake


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