How to Test Soil Acidity


Testing the soil for its acidity level can help with your gardening. Different plants require different levels of acidic soil, and you can adjust those levels with nutrients and fertilizers if you know your starting point. Soil test kits and meters are used to quickly assess the acid in the dirt with a chemical that turns the test sample different colors based on the makeup of the dirt.

Test Kit

Step 1

Dig up a small amount of soil that you want tested. Measure the soil amount and put it in the test tube. The package you purchase will tell you how much to put in.

Step 2

Add water to the test tube and the activating chemical. Put the lid on the tube and shake it up well. The mix will turn a color.

Step 3

Compare the color of the mix in the tube to the color chart on the box. The colors stand for different levels of pH. Acidic soil is between 0 and 7, with 7 being neutral and 0 being highly acidic.

Things You'll Need

  • Soil test kit
  • or
  • Soil test meter
  • Water


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