Flowers for the Month of October

October ushers in cool weather, colorful fall leaves and the start of the holiday season. Even though the main growing season is over for your garden, you don't have to put it to bed just yet. There are several flowers that keep their blooms well into fall. Some bring fall colors such as orange, yellow and red to your plant beds, while others hold onto spring and summer with purples, pinks and white.


Sunflowers hang around through November, so they are still blooming nicely in October. Sizes of the flowers vary greatly, with some varieties reaching a few inches high and others growing many feet tall. Sunflowers like full sun, just like their name suggests, and soil should be rich and damp. Roots spread out deep and wide, so if you forget to water, the flowers will not usually go thirsty. Fertilizer is not needed, but recommended for healthy tall growth.


Dahlias make October look like spring with their wide range of colors including pinks, lavendars and reds. The appearance of dahlia blooms varies by variety, ranging from saucer-sized blossoms to blooms no more than as inch across. Dahlias like sunshine and damp earth for healthy growth. You can pinch off the blooms to encourage multiple flowers on one stem, or leave them alone for single blooms.


Statice grow from June through October providing a pretty purple, lavender, white or pink color to your garden. A few varieties even come in yellow. The blooms are small, but there are several spread out on each stem. They prefer damp, well draining soil located in full sunlight. The do well with plant division in the spring time, and cuttings can be rooted.


Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, don't emerge until around October and have a short blooming season of just two months. Flowers range in size, shape and color, depending on the variety. What appears to be an individual bloom is made up of many tiny blooms that form out of one main point on the stem. The tiny blooms can vary in color, giving some mums a multi colored look. Mums like sandy earth and should be planted 1 1/2 feet apart in full sun.

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