The Best Plants for Terrariums

Terrariums are closed containers made of plastic or glass. Many different types of plants can be planted together in a terrarium as long as the plants have the same light and temperature needs. Although most plants will need warm temperatures and medium light, some will require cooler temperatures or bright light.

Closed Terrarium Plants

Plants that will grow very well in a closed terrarium include the satin pellionia, which is a creeping vine; sander's dracaena, which is like a corn plant; and the red bird, which has variegated foliage. Other good closed terrarium plants include the rattlesnake plant, partridge berry and the parlor palm.

Medium Light Plants

Plants that will grow in medium light inside a terrarium include the variegated oval leaf peperomia, which grows 3 to 6 inches tall; Swedish ivy, which will grow to 3 inches tall; and strawberry begonia, which grows to 3 inches tall with runners like strawberry plants. Other good choices include the prayer plant and the piggyback plant.

Bright Light Plants

Bright light plants for the terrarium include the Venus fly trap, which grows from 1 to 3 inches tall; sundew, which grows to 3 inches high; and the polka dot plant that can grow over 12 inches tall and has pink polka dots on the leaves. Pygmy cactus, parrot leaf and the bunny ears cactus are other bright light plants.

Cool Temperature Plants

Cool temperature plants will need a night temperature of about 55 degrees F, but the day temperature is not as critical. These terrarium plants include wintergreen, which grows 1 to 3 inches tall; the table fern, which grows 6 to 12 inches tall; and the sweet olive, or false holly, which grows to be 12 inches tall or more. Spotted wintergreen, pipsissewa and club moss are other good possibilities for this terrarium.

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