How to Hoe in a Garden


Fighting weeds is a continual battle for a gardener. Keys to successful weed control are persistence and diligence. With ongoing maintenance and removal of weeds as they appear, your growing area can be kept from an overgrowth of unsightly weeds. Keep a garden free of weeds by cultivating it often with a hoe. Hoe between plants to eradicate tiny weeds and keep them from growing large enough to disturb or rob nutrients from your plants.

Step 1

Stand upright in the garden, holding the hoe out in front of with both hands.

Step 2

Strike the soil with the blade of the hoe and pull it back toward you. Scoop down 1 to 2 inches beneath the soil level as you pull the hoe back toward you.

Step 3

Pull the hoe blade up and allow the soil you moved to fall back down onto the ground. You may see uprooted weeds lying amongst the soil.

Step 4

Continue hoeing in the same fashion, upturning all of the soil between the plants in the garden. Leave the uprooted weeds on top of the soil to shrivel in the sun.

Step 5

Hoe the garden again lightly the next day to catch any weeds that may have survived the previous day's hoeing.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hoe


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  • Garden Action: Why, When and How to Use A Hoe
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