How to Hang Upside Down Plants


Hanging your upside down plant correctly makes all the difference in how it will fare throughout the season. Purchase an upside down planting container or make your own; simply use a five-gallon bucket and cut a hole through the bottom. If not hung correctly, the plant may not thrive or the weight of the plant may cause the plant to fall, if not secured.

Step 1

Select a sunny location to hang the planter.

Step 2

Select a strong, secure hanging post. Choose a wooden beam or shepherd's hook.

Step 3

Mount a screw-eye hook into the beam, if a wooden beam is used. Buy a screw-eye large enough to fit the hook of the planter. Pre-drill a hole for the screw-eye. Thread the screw-eye into the hole until secure.

Step 4

Place the hook of the planter over the shepherd's hook or through the screw-eye. If using a five-gallon bucket, use the handle of the bucket for hanging.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden beam or shepherd's hook
  • Screw-eye hook
  • Drill


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