Peach Sage Plant


The peach sage plant (Salvia dorisiana), often called the fruit-scented sage, grows 5 feet in height with a 6- to 8-foot spread. The plant continuously produces pink flowers in the early spring into the fall. The flowers attract numerous butterflies and hummingbirds to the home garden. Leaves appear crinkly, velvety and green. They smell strongly like a fruit salad mixed with peaches and pineapples.


The fragrance of the peach sage plant's foliage is produced from the plant's oils. Sage plant foliage is made up of varying mixes of cineol, camphor, thujon and borneol oils, according to Gernot Katzer. Depending on the mixture, certain scents are obtained. The peach sage produces a pleasant, fruity scent.


The green, heart-shaped, slightly furry, tropical foliage of the peach sage is harvested before opening. They are widely used in oil distillation. Dried leaves are ingredients in tinctures and infusions. Even the seeds of the plant are pressed and used for oil production or potpourri. Leaves are consumed raw in salad or dried to make fresh tea.

Planting Location

Peach sage plants require well-draining soil. The plant prefers a soil pH that is neutral to alkaline. The peach sage requires only minimal water and does not tolerate wet roots. The plant's ideal location offers moderately dry soil with abundant sunlight


The peach sage plant grows abundantly and rarely misses leaves that are harvested for home use. The plant does tolerate top-growth pruning well to help maintain its size. By removing the new top-growth leaves, the plant is encouraged to bush out more and lessens its leggy appearance.

Life Span

As the peach sage ages, it becomes leggy. Plants often need to be discarded when they reach four to seven years of age due to legginess and an incapability to thrive. The foliage often becomes denser and the blooms diminish year after year.

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