Indoor Gardening Plants

Indoor gardening is a hobby that can result in beautiful flower rewards on plants that receive proper care. Some indoor plants need more care to help mimic their natural environments. Other plants will do well under artificial conditions. How you care for your plant will depend on the type of plant you are growing.

African Violets

According to the University of Florida, African violets are popular houseplants that can grow and flower under the lighting conditions of most American homes. There are many varieties and colors of African violets. African violets need bright light, but do not do well in direct sunlight. They are best grown within 3 feet of a west- or southwest-facing window. Too little light will cause the leaves to become thin and dark. Too much light can cause the leaves yellow. To bloom, they need between eight and 12 hours of light per day with eight hours of darkness per night. African violets do best with a night temperature between 65 and 70 degrees F.


Orchids are also good plants for indoor growing. The exact lighting conditions and moisture that an orchid will require will vary, depending on the variety. However, most orchids would grow under a protective forest cover in nature and, therefore, do best with partial sun or partial shade. Some varieties grow very well in full shade. Orchids can grow in a soil medium or bark, depending on the type. In nature, some orchids attach themselves to the bark of trees; that type of orchid does best in a bark medium that drains well.


Gardenias have a reputation among indoor gardeners of being difficult to grow. When growing gardenias indoors, try to place them where they will get at least eight hours of direct sun per day. To increase humidity, consider growing the gardenia near a humidifier. You can also use a humidity tray filled with pebbles and water. In some cases, misting the gardenia can give it adequate moisture. Gardenias flower on new growth; pruning will encourage new growth on which flowers can grow.

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