How to Ride a Snapper Lawn Mower


When cutting large lawns, you most likely will want to use a riding lawn mower. A riding lawn mower has a large mowing deck with two or three mowing blades. It also has a power transmission that allows you to effortlessly drive around your yard while cutting grass. Snapper is one brand of riding lawn mower. All riding lawn mowers have the same basic controls, but they may vary slightly from mower to mower.

Step 1

Remove the gas cap on the top of the lawn mower and fill with gas.

Step 2

Sit on the lawn mower and put the transmission control lever in neutral. Lift the PTO lever to disengage the blades. Set the engine speed control lever to the "choke" position.

Step 3

Press in the brake and turn the ignition to start the Snapper lawn mower. Set the engine speed control lever to between three-fourths and full speed.

Step 4

Release the brake and slide the transmission control lever to your desired speed setting. Drive to where you would like to begin cutting your grass and press in the brake to stop the mower.

Step 5

Adjust the mower cutting height by moving the mower height control lever up or down. Up raises the cutting height and down lowers the cutting height. Engage the blades by pushing the PTO lever down.

Step 6

Release the brake and cut your grass. Turn the steering wheel to turn your lawn mower as you cut your grass.

Step 7

Disengage the mower blades, raise the mower deck and drive the lawn mower to your storage area when finished. Turn the key to the off position to turn the lawn mower off.

Things You'll Need

  • Gasoline


  • Briggs & Stratton: Snapper Operation Manual
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