Ideas for Hanging Flower Baskets

Hanging baskets take up virtually no garden space, which makes them ideal for small gardens, urban gardens and town homes. Place a pair of hanging baskets on either side of an entryway, on the patio or on a balcony. Grow vining flowers up the supports of the basket as well letting them trail down. Use your imagination and put those baskets to work even in the off season.

Grow Strawberries

Strawberries have pretty white flowers with yellow centers. The plants send out runners, or long stems, along the ground. At the end of the runner a new baby strawberry plant forms. Plant three strawberry plants in a medium-size hanging flower basket. Tuck them in among the other flowers. The plant will send runners over the sides to hang down. As a bonus, you'll have ripe strawberries.


Turn your hanging flower basket into a candle holder. Place a candle inside a hurricane holder. Surround it with short flowers like marigolds (for sunny spaces) or begonias (for shady locations). The lighted candles are attractive and can welcome guests to an evening party. Transform baskets already planted by adding a few votive candles in their holders in the baskets. Be careful that the flowers are not in danger of catching fire. You can also use battery-operated holiday lights inside the hurricane holders instead of candles. Or drape the lights up and down the chains that hold the basket.


Plant purple sweet potato vine, orange trailing lantana, purple sweet alyssum and orange dwarf zinnias in the basket. Add a fluffy black bow to accent the rim. Twine black and orange ribbon around the chains of the hanging basket. If you live where Halloween is too cold for live flowers, spray-paint baby's breath black and use orange silk flowers.


Reflect the holiday in your basket even if it's too cold for living flowers. Use dried flowers and fall leaves for an autumn arrangement. Gourds, mini ears of dried corn and baby pumpkins on a bed of sphagnum moss make for a great Thanksgiving Day basket. Place evergreen sprigs and branches in the dirt of the basket and add big red bows for Christmas decorations. Add a layer of white marbles to cover the dirt and poke in hearts that are attached to wooden skewers for Valentine's Day.


Use ceramic animals, dolls, glass balls or crystals to dress up your hanging baskets. For example: Place a few ceramic fish in a basket of succulents. Nestle a stuffed life-like-looking rabbit in among short flowers like lobelia. Dangle a few crystals from the hanging support for the basket to catch the sunlight.

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