How to Edge Landscape Timbers


Landscape timbers are one source of border for a garden bed. Gardeners also frequently use landscaping timber as a building material for raised beds. When landscape timbers are used as a border between flower beds and a lawn, they are known as edging. Edging with landscape timbers creates a barrier that prevents grass and weeds from sending stolons through to colonize the surrounding landscape. Even after you have built edging with landscape timbers, you will still need to occasionally prevent grass from sending stolons under the landscape timber edging. This process is also known as edging.

Step 1

Dig a trench around your landscaping bed that is slightly wider than your landscaping timbers and 6 inches deep. Ensure that the trench is level with the use of a carpenter's level.

Step 2

Drill a hole crosswise through the center of each end of your landscaping timbers using a ½-inch drill bit.

Step 3

Place landscaping timbers end-to-end throughout your trench. Secure them into the ground by driving pieces of ½-inch rebar through the timber and into the ground.

Step 4

Shorten a piece of landscaping timber by 1 foot using a saw. Drill a ½-inch hole crosswise through the center ends of this timber as well.

Step 5

Place a second row of timber, known as a course, on top of the first row. Use the shortened timber at the starting end of the second row to make your second row of timbers staggered from the first row. This ensures that the timber ends don't align with the first row of timber ends.

Step 6

Drill a ½-inch hole into the first row of timbers using a longer ½-inch drill bit and working through the holes in the second row of timbers. Secure the topmost timbers to the second row of timbers and into the ground by driving rebar through all layers of timber and into the ground.

Step 7

Cut grass stolons that try to creep under your landscaping timber by inserting a spade vertically into the ground around the perimeter of the timbers.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Drill
  • ½-inch drill bit
  • Long ½-inch drill bit
  • ½-inch rebar
  • Mallet
  • Spade


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Who Can Help

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